EU Databases User Group

The EU Databases User Group was an evolution of the Eurobases user group, initiated at first by the changes made by the Commission, but then with a remit to examine a much wider area. The group was still focus on the “traditional” databases issued by the EU bodies, but was also looking at other electronic sources of EU information, including websites, such as those found on the Europa web server, and unofficial database sources. Operating as a lobby group, EUDUG will help to provide a vital link between the producers of electronic information and the end-users.

This web site will not only provide information on EUDUG’s activities but will also serve as a reference point for users of EU electronic information. News on changes to databases, new web sites and problems encountered will all be monitored and stored in the relevant sections. If you know something we don’t, please e-mail us with your news. Together we can create a constantly updated repository of knowledge on electronic EU information.